Shire Oak Academy

Turning potential into excellence

Shire Oak Academy is an 11-19 comprehensive school which gained specialist school status for science and mathematics in 2003. In April 2011, it became a converter academy.

We enjoy an enviable reputation in the local area: our Academy has been oversubscribed for many years. We pride ourselves on the atmosphere at Shire Oak which Ofsted inspectors described as calm, purposeful and harmonious. We believe that our focus on learning and personal success is effective because of that environment, which is both ordered and disciplined and caring and supportive.

The legacy of our specialist college status is seen both in the Academy and in the local community. We set challenging targets for our own students and support the teaching of STEM subjects in local primary schools. Our Primary Partnership involves ten schools working together on a range of projects. Our Academy provides facilities and specialised learning opportunities. The partnership’s work has been recognised as outstanding and we have received local and national awards for its effectiveness.

We believe that every child who enters our Academy does so with potential and talent. It is our job to develop this potential, unlocking it when we need to, and turning it into excellence. We value our students’ role in society and prepare them to be healthy and active citizens. We want them to be receptive to the world around them and open to important ideas in our own and other cultures.

Our students will leave the Academy equipped to be lifelong learners and ready to make a positive contribution to society.

Annabel Stoddart:


Shire Oak Academy is an exciting and vibrant learning community where students enjoy great success in and outside of the classroom. We aim to provide an outstanding, positive learning environment and value the high quality of relationships that enable this to be true of all aspects of school life. Our Academy motto, ‘Turning Potential into Excellence’ is important to us as we prepare our students for successful adult lives in an increasingly competitive world. We support and encourage our students to try their best to achieve success in all areas and help prepare them for their future choices, not only in their academic learning, but also within other areas such as music, sport, art and drama.

Shire Oak Academy is popular and is the first choice school locally. We have a strong focus on academic achievement throughout the academy and develop our young people to be independent and resilient learners. We are immensely proud of our inclusive ethos and of the positive relationships that we build with parents and the local community. We believe that all students can achieve.

We hold high expectations of each other and seek to support each other in ensuring that all members of the school community enjoy an enriching and fulfilling experience during their time here.

The predominant focus of the academy is on working with students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which combine to create successful and independent learners. Our ASPIRE approach is threaded throughout our work in this area.We seek to provide a stimulating and challenging classroom experience in partnership with excellent student support systems.

When choosing a new school for your child, the best way to find out about Shire Oak Academy is to visit. We very much look forward to welcoming you.

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