Our Plans

University of Birmingham

TSST B-Physics Programme

In the last issue of The Voice, we flagged up a new initiative from The Mercian Trust and the University of Birmingham working in partnership. It is a form of Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) which we are calling B Physics. We are now in a position to give you a few more details.


  • To share knowledge and best practice
  • To support, develop and retain staff
  • To broaden and deepen the links between schools and the UoB
  • To enthuse and inform Physics and Engineering students about teaching as a career

There will be four sessions this academic year:

  1. 23 January - QMGS - Electricity and Fields
  2. 20 March - SOA - Waves
  3. 22 May - Aldridge / QMHS - Mechanics and Forces
  4. 10 July - UoB - Energy and Particles

Each session will begin with a talk entitled Why this matters for the whole group and then there will be two different workshops: one for those who want to focus on K3/4 teaching; one for those wanting to discuss matters relating to A Level teaching. The workshops will be led by Physics teaching specialists from Mercian schools with support from PhD students and HE staff.

Each session will be at a different school venue within The Mercian. On the day, the UoB will send two PhD students in to the school from 12 noon with a brief to help with careers advice, A Level teaching or individual coaching. The Why this matters talks and workshops will be scheduled from 4pm to 6pm.