Our Plans


Leadership courses

In the first edition of the Mercian Voice, we shared feedback from MAT staff questionnaires. High up on the list of priorities that you identified was a request for quality CPD. And so, just over a month later, on the 7th November, we launched a new programme for aspiring Middle and Senior Leaders. The first cohort includes colleagues from all five schools and that’s important: we want this to be an opportunity to learn together, to form networks for the sharing of best practice.

In our first session, we looked at models of leadership, drawing on Andy Buck’s excellent book “Leadership Matters: how leaders at all levels can create great schools”. Figure 1 below is one of the models we looked at from the book. We found it useful to pause and think about where we spend most of our time. Many colleagues agreed that we tend to gravitate towards the bottom left quadrant – perhaps rightly so: we need to get things done! But the CPD session forced us all to stop and reflect about making time for the quadrant on the top right, so that we can be clear on our vision and create teams of people who will work together to bring that vision to reality.

Future sessions will include seminars from MAT colleagues. Sharing an area of expertise or special interest with others is a good form of CPD in itself. When we next meet Adele Biddle and Matthew Moore from Aldridge and Conrad Bourne and Nigel Jobling from Shire Oak will be speaking on educational research and teaching & learning.

We are also very fortunate to be working in partnership with a local Teaching School for this programme. Eleanor Langston-Jones from Earls School in Halesowen will be on hand at every meeting to offer advice and support.