The Mercian Trust is looking to appoint two people to join its Board of Trustees in September 2019.

This article has been Updated on 12th April 2019

The Mercian Trust is a recently formed Multi Academy Trust or MAT which comprises six schools. It is a dynamic, enterprising and ambitious organisation which has ex citing plans for further development. The Trustees wish to recruit two join the Mercian Board as they work to ensure Life to the Full in the Business of education.

School Governance
Trustees and governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play leadership and management of the education sector. The work of a Trustee involves considerable responsibility and cannot be undertaken lightly; but it brings correspondingly great rewards. A successful school will equip all its pupils to live life to the full. Our Trustees provide the framework in which Mercian pupils will:

  • Realise their potential
  • Thrive in the world of work
  • Make a positive to the local, regional and national community Becoming a Trustee requires a commitment to give time, energy and expertise. In return you can expect to receive support and training and to derive great satisfaction.

Governance Structures in the Mercian Trust
There are three levels of Governance: Members
The Members are like the shareholders of the company. They are responsible for:

  • Appointing the Trustees
  • Holding Trustees to account
  • Amending the Articles of Association (if necessary) Members must meet annually, but they can meet more frequently if required.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for determining the overall strategic direction and development of the Trust. Through careful planning and deployment of resources, it ensures the best possible outcomes for our pupils. It also ensures compliance with the legal and financial requirements of company and charity law. There are currently nine Trustees. It is our intention to increase the size of the Board to eleven.

Each Academy in the Trust is represented by a Local Governing Body (LGB). Governors are not legally responsible for statutory functions (which rest with the Board of Trustees), but they carry the vision of the Trust forward in line with the authority delegated to them in the Trust Scheme of Delegation. Governors know their individual schools well and hold the Leadership Team to account.

Why volunteer to be a Trustee?
The rewards are significant! You will:
Make a difference
Trustees provide both support and – crucially – challenge to the Trust leadership team. In doing so, they can have a measurable impact on standards of education and influence children’s lives for good.

Develop your skills
Trustees have the opportunity to hone existing skills and develop new ones as they take on a range of roles. You may have specific professional expertise to offer; or you may call on your ability to work in a team, to solve a problem or to negotiate a deal.

Improve your knowledge of the education sector
The education landscape is changing fast. You will get new insight in to how the sector works now and have the opportunity to shape new and exciting developments.

Challenge yourself
There are times when being a Trustee will take you outside your comfort zone as you get to grips with new policies, procedures and problems. Most Trustees relish the opportunity to learn and grow in this way.

Contribute to your community
We believe that we are stronger together. You will help bring the local community together, working on projects that can unite people behind a common purpose. That can be hugely enjoyable

What’s would be my commitment?
The current vacancies are for the Board of Trustees. There are six Trustee board meetings per year. They are (usually) on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and last for about two hours.

Most Trustees also work on one of two committees, which meet termly:

  • The Business, Audit and Risk (BAR) Committee
  • The Assessment, Improvement, Mobility and Safeguarding (AIMS) Committee

There are occasionally other meetings as required. So, overall, the commitment equates to about one meeting per month.

Applications are invited
For an initial conversation about the role of Trustee for The Mercian Trust,
please contact:
Tim Swain
01922 720696

Update on 12th April

Making your application:

Following opportunities for a conversation about the role of Trustee over the course of the last month, applications are now invited.

Please consider the above information and the attached Strategic Plan and then write a letter of application for the role. The letter of application should:

  • Be addressed to the Chair of the Trust
  • Outline your reasons for applying to take on the role
  • State your experience and expertise that makes you a suitable candidate
  • Be no more than one side of A4 in length
  • Sent either by mail to:
    Philip Sturrock MBE
    c/o The Mercian Trust
    Mercian House
    Queen Mary’s Grammar School
    Sutton Road
    Walsall WS1 2PG

  • Or by email to:

The deadline for the letter of application is: Friday 03 May

Interviews for the position will be held in the week beginning 13th May 2019

We look forward to hearing from you!

Download The Mercian Trust Strategic Plan.pdf

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